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Quinnsights: Strategies for Success

The activities that lead to organizational success—decision-making, problem-solving, design, and research—provide the foundation for L&D strategy.

Competency-Based Microcredentials Appeal to Today’s Learners

Today's workers are embracing informal digital credentials in addition to—or instead of—formal degree programs.

Quinnsights: Emotional L&D

Emotions are part of our cognition. L&D practitioners should consider the emotional aspect when designing learning.

Why the LMS Should Be Part of a Learning Technology Stack

Corporate digital learning is no longer limited to eLearning courses in the LMS. It’s time to embrace the learning technology stack.

In Real Life: Learning Will Not Change in 2019

Training may change, but learning will not change in 2019. Here are some thoughts on what you can do to leverage work experiences this year.

GDPR for the US? Data Privacy Laws May Be on the Horizon

Business groups and legislators alike are pushing for a federal data privacy law in the U.S. That could affect eLearning data collection and use.

Adopt a 3-Pronged Strategy for Future-Proofing the Workforce

As the population ages, future-proofing the workforce becomes essential. This is best done through talent management and other training-based efforts.

Quinnsights: Let’s Talk About IA

Everyone’s agog about AI (artificial intelligence), however to truly empower business, let’s talk about IA (intelligence augmentation).

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