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In Real Life: Get Rid of the Boxes

Why do we put new ideas into boxes or silos when we think about improving eLearning? Shiny Object Syndrome does not solve learning problems!

eLearning Plus Microlearning Equals Dynamic Digital Learning

Engage learners and improve retention with a digital learning strategy that includes both conventional eLearning and microlearning.

4 Marketing Ideas to Borrow for Better Learning Experiences

In marketing as in learning, the common goal is to engage and communicate with an audience. Here are 4 marketing ideas instructional designers can borrow.

Write a Successful Learning Solutions Article Proposal!

The first step to getting published in Learning Solutions is a well-crafted article proposal. Here's how to write one!

Nuts and Bolts: Learning from Your Own Work

Reflective practice (learning from your own work) is a powerful way to support self-directed learning.

5 Fundamental Ways Workflow Learning Differs from Training

Deciding whether to use conventional training or workflow learning can hinge on understanding these key differences.

xAPI Camp LS 2019: Is xAPI Ripe for Instructional Design?

Is xAPI ripe for instructional design? This is a critical question that presenters will address at the Learning Solutions conference this year.

Metafocus: Designing Effective Scoring Mechanics for Learning Games

Scoring is a major differentiating factor in game effectiveness and player engagement. Proper scoring mechanics are critical to creating engaging games.

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